The ART Waury is contemporary art in Germany
- An individual expresses life's work - the creativity grows entirely on its own and offers a life of authenticity.

For You?
The progressive growth of the philosphy is usable for you. Like in a friendship, take part directly to the qualities of the other one. To come into the pleasure as an adventure on the own path of intensively life-maturation and to have really lived ...

Is it about You ?
Large mature form - the inter-Images. The visual artist Waury gives us the wide world between poles, between the clear pictures in our heads, between the clear (?) defined words.These pictures accompany responsible for life in your positions !

In between is Your movement
The viewer moves in front of the picture, sometimes even trough the picture. Do You move inside your inside? Then it grows. Movement is life.  Einstein and the followers have demonstrated it in the field of physics.
Movement between the elements is also action. In the airport of Stuttgart was an artistic position created between the vertical and the horizontal : "terral". Is the artproject "Asyl in Blau" perhaps also the search for the artist himself ? Do we take our place? You have the freedom to choose your position. Freedom ! So You are invited to the previous exhibitions and future exhibitions, which are also can completely accept new designs . So projects can also surprise You.

Intermediate - Your relationship
Between the poles as plus und negative, or oder the maternal and the male as a property contains an infinite number of relationships and connectedness. One side wins and the other merges -really in inter-Images and strip-like: artwaury

Art at constructions
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Art at buildings : A realized excemple of "inter-Pictures"
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ART for our Life !

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Between the Poles
When it comes to your heavenly or draw?
Or is the gravity on Earth?
Yes, it is about our existence in between!
We live and move between heaven and earth.
This is very real but also relative.
Waury produced here with a new language of culture
He makes relationship through its production life.

Between the materials and format
Which material, which form belongs to the respective character on the pages of poles? How to mix these optical characters? What does appeal to the outside? Truly a new form of image!

Between inside and outside
What is the relation between the interior and the exterior ? Change something? What´s really possible in ART at Constructions ? Should the artist been called after the construction - or to be involved into the same from the beginning?

Between the beginning and the end
is at
ART Waury a huge range. It sounds definitely not in the art, but moves forward - in music, theater and into the town and extends the image of profiling even countries.

Between arrest and movement
Stay or move on? How long will you stand? How quickly You will move on? What about when You see what movement?